A Woman’s Achilles’ Heel

Have you ever wonder why women love seeking attention? Give them too much, they resent you, give them too little, they either crave more and completely feel as if you are ignoring them. How much attention should be given to a woman?

In this segment, we will discuss how and when to give a woman full attention, when to take it away and how willing men should use this Achilles’ heel to their advantage when it comes to dating. If all fails, we will look at the ‘push and pull’ method, known to be the most attention-grabbing technique. You should add that one to your dating repertoire tricks and what not. After all, we are here to improve not to deteriorate

Too Litle Attention

‘Always be friendly but not easily accessible’

When you first meet anyone, not just women, when you play aloof too soon, it can communicate multiple messages and some of them might not play well to your advantage. Don’t sit in a corner thinking you are being cool, she will never make the first move for you. Get your ass up and socialize enough to make your presence felt.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being friendly as long you don’t make it too easy for anyone to have access to you. Women love access, especially if they have sensed certain manly values on your end. The only time you should ever show too little attention is when you meet an attention seeking whore.

Dating tip: Playing aloof plays much better when you have already slept with a woman, not beforehand.

Too Much Attention

As much as women claim to love attention, every time a guy gives them too much, they either resent him, walk away or worse call him a creep. I will take women’s side on this one. When you shower her with attention, it communicates that you have nothing going on in your life. Besides, she knows deeply she does not deserve all of your time and so you should give her what she has earned.

Remember the very first time you drank your first beer? One beer was enough to give you a decent buzz. You did not start with a six pack on your first attempt because you knew that would have messed you up the next day. You should avoid showering anyone with too much attention unless they have earned it.  Most women know, too much attention is not genuine and it communicates scarcity mindset on your behalf.

Think of ‘attention’ as a drug, prescribe just enough to get her hooked, she will be coming back for more refill very soon. Moderation is key here. Once you feel she is hooked, take it away. She will be craving your attention like an addict.

Push And Pull

You have probably heard of the ‘push and pull’ method. Not just in dating but in socialization. When you push someone away too much, they may find you uninterested and insulting, and when you pull them in too much, they might find you needy or clingy.

The most effective way to use ‘push and pull’ is to equally distribute the dosage. I am not too crazy about ‘PUA’ technique and what not, but I have to vouch for ‘push and pull’ It has worked wonders for my dating life. Be careful when you are using this method because some women become almost obsessive. Remember, women operate on emotion basis and that is almost toying with her, which I do not condone anyone to do. Be very careful.

In Conclusion, women love seeking attention and it is, in fact, one of their Achilles’ heel. Use too much attention too early and get discarded. You never want to communicate neediness and scarcity behavior as a man. Use less attention too early and be considered too distant and unattainable. When all fails, learn how to use ‘push and pull’ efectively.

Remember moderation is key to using effective attention. If you want to learn more about moderation check out this article written by The Art Of Manliness.


Till next time